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PART 1 CLINICAL EVALUATION OF THE PATIENT  CHAPTER1  Initial approach to the patient : history and physical examination by Marshall A. Lichtman and Ernest Beutler    CHAPTER2  Examination of the blood by Daniel H. Ryan    CHAPTER3  Examination of the marrow by Daniel H. Ryan and Raymond E. Felgar  PART 2 GENERAL HEMATOLOGY  CHAPTER4  Structure of the marrow and the hematopoietic microenvironment by Camille N. Abboud and Marshall A. Lichtman    CHAPTER5  The lymphoid tissues by Thomas J. Kipps    CHAPTER6  Hematology of the newborn by George B. Segel and James Palis    CHAPTER7  Hematology during pregnancy by Martha P. Mims and Josef T. Prchal    CHAPTER8  Hematology in older persons by Michelle Shayne and Marshall A. Lichtman  PART 3MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR HEMATOLOGY  CHAPTER9  Genetic principles and molecular biology by Ernest Beutler    CHAPTER10  Cytogenetics and gene rearrangement by Lucy A. Godley and Michelle M. Le Beau    CHAPTER11  Apoptosis by Roberta A. Gottlieb  151   CHAPTER12  Cell cycle regulation and hematological disorders by Mathias Schmid and Dennis A. Carson    CHAPTER13  Signal transduction pathways by Kenneth Kaushansky    CHAPTER14  The cluster of differentiation (CD) antigens by Thomas J. Kipps    CHAPTER15  Hematopoietic stem cells, progenitors, and cytokines by Kenneth Kaushansky    CHAPTER16  The inflammatory response by Jeffrey S. Warren and Peter A. Ward    CHAPTER17  Innate immunity by Bruce Beutler    CHAPTER18  Dendritic cells and the control of innate and adaptive immunity by Madhav Dhodapkar and Ralph M. Steinman  239 PART 4 THERAPEUTIC PRINCIPLES  CHAPTER19  Pharmacology and toxicity of antineoplastic drugs    CHAPTER20  TREATMENT OF INFECTIONS IN THE IMMUNOCOMPROMISED HOST  ……PART 5  THE ERYTHROCYTEPART 6 NEUTROPLILS,EOSINOPHILS,BASOPHILS,AND MAST CELLSPART 7 MONOCYTES AND MACROPHAGESPART 8 LYMPHOCYTES AND PLASMA CELLSPART 9 MALIGANT DISEASESPART 10 HEMOSTASIS AND THROMBOSISPART 11 TRANSFUSION MEDICINEINDEX


This is a Doody's core title. It is an essential purchase. After six editions, "Williams Hematology" remains the cornerstone text in the literature for hematology. It's discrete cell-by-cell approach has always been perceived as the most readily accessible by novices and experts alike, and now it is more clinical than ever through the inclusion of new key points boxes and algorithms that outline discrete strategies for diagnosis and treatment. There are also new chapters on the use of venous access devices, pain management, therapeutic use of cytokines, and flow cytometry. The latest moelcular biology techniques and 300 color plates enhance your diagnostic skills.





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